Are you looking for delicious food, a relaxed environment and suitable price? Khmer Angkor Kitchen restaurant is the perfect place for your next meal.

Khmer Angkor Kitchen restaurant is focus on points such as: service, hygiene and place.

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Are you looking for delicious food, a relaxed environment and suitable price? Khmer Angkor Kitchen restaurant is the perfect place for your next meal.

Khmer Angkor Kitchen restaurant focuses on 3 main points such as service, hygiene and place.

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Umul, Grim, Myxir and Dargoth American samoa

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If you need immediate help with your heating or air conditioning, please call us at (855) 92 560 438 | (855) 97 96 65 496 . The fastest way to reach us is by phone, and we can schedule same-day service if needed.


Khmer Angkor Kitchen Restaurant has provided the special promotion for all the tour package. If the tour start from 10 people we will discount for 1 person. Our food is cooked by the famous chef who have much more experience related to the restaurant sector. He is not good at cooking Khmer food but also some other foreign food in the world such as Korean food, Thai food, Chinese food, Vietnamese food, European food,...etc. Finally, we hope that you will enjoy with our special promotion package and have a good trip. Mostly, we are happy to serve all of you as convenient time and welcome for your feed back.

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Cambodian Art

The Cambodian art is the sign of Khmer culture and show about how the people live in the ancient time.​​ There are seven types of Cambodian art such as music, dancing, painting, song,​ architecture, status and movie.

The history of Cambodian art stretches back centuries to ancient crafts. Traditional Cambodian arts and crafts include textiles, non-textile weaving, silversmithing, stone carving, lacquerware, ceramics, wat murals, and kite-making. Beginning in the mid-20th century, a tradition of modern art began in Cambodia, though in the later 20th century both traditional and modern arts declined for several reasons, including the killing of artists by the Khmer Rouge. The country has experienced a recent artistic revival due to increased support from governments, NGOs, and foreign tourists.