khmer Angkor Kitchen Menu

On the menu is our famous classic namely food and drink in Cambodia and foreign country. So whether you would like our real Khmer food, just sit back and relax and our friendly staff will serve you at your table.


Pineapple pancake
Pineapple Pancacke (ម្នាស់ចៀន)
As a chef, we try to keep things seasonal and creative and with brunch, we really get the chance to show a playful side to our cuisine. For this pancake recipe. we’re using the same high-quality ingredients
Fresh Cucuber Pickle
Fresh Cucumber Pickle (ជ្រក់ត្រសក់)
This is fresh cucumber pickle which is combined sugar, vinegar, celery seed and salt. Bring to boil and cool; pour over cucumbers and onions.
Deep Fried Potato
Deep Fried Potato (ដំឡូងបំពង)
These spicy, tasty deep-fried potatoes are easy to make. Serve Deep Fried Cubed Potatoes with Moroccan Spices as a side to tagines, fried fish, eggs, grilled meats, or sandwiches.
Deep Fried Spring Roll
Deep Fried Spring Roll (ត្រយ៉បំពង)
As a bonus, this spring roll recipe is also fresher and healthier than the spring rolls you'll find in most restaurants. ENJOY!
Chicken Crispy
Chicken Crispy (គៀវបំពង)
A whole fryer chicken, marinated and coated in egg, milk and seasoned flour, then fried until extra crispy! Reported to have the extra crispy chicken taste and texture of a famous restaurant chain chicken
Fresh Spring Roll
Fresh Spring Roll (ណែម)
This spring roll recipe can be made vegetarian with tofu, or with baby shrimp if you prefer. Brimming with vegetables and lots of flavor, these spring rolls make a great appetizer or party food.


Vermicelli Crispy Salad
Vermicelli Crispy Salad(ញាំមីសួបំពង)
We boil the chicken breast for 10 minutes. Let it cool down. Shred and dust the chicken with all purpose flour and deep fry until crisp. For the prawns, dredge it on the remaining flour, coat with egg and then with sesame seeds.
Cucumber Salad
Cucumber Salad (ញាំត្រសក់)
It is mixed of cucumbers, very thinly sliced red onion, tablespoons vinegar or tablespoons lemon juice , tablespoons low-fat sour cream or tablespoons yogurt salt and pepper.
Khmer Kitchen Salad
Khmer Kitchen Salad(ញាំក្រអៅឈូក)
This is a special Khmer Salad which is cooked from fresh young lotus tree and some other ingredient to make a new taste for you.
Green mango salad
Green mango salad (ញាំស្វាយ)
This salad will blow you away with its tastebud-awakening flavors and mix of textures. And as a bonus, it's very healthy, plus low in calories and fat.
Banana blossom salad
Banana blossom salad (ញាំត្រយ៉ូងចេក)
Place the layers of the banana blossom (or the cabbage leaves) on top of each other and roll them tight together. Slice them very thin and place them in a bowl of ice water and lime for about 20 minutes
Green papaya salad
Green papaya salad (ញាំល្ហុង)
Green papaya salad is the most popular dish in Cambodia. It is a Northeastern food that is eaten with sticky rice and other Northeastern dishes such as laab, beef salad and bamboo shoot salad.


Khmer Amok
Khmer Amok(អាម៉ុកខ្មែរ)
Amok is major national culinary tradition in Cambodia, and also popular in Laos ,Thailand and other countries. It is cooked with the special ingredient which causes it more popular.
Khmer curry
Khmer curry(សម្លការី)
For Cambodians, curry is a very special food and is cooked only for special event or occasion only, for example on Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben or a special day.
Sour soup with coconut
Sour soup with coconut(សម្លម្ជូរគ្រឿងខ្ទិះ)
Place ginger, cilantro, garlic, broth, and lemongrass in a large saucepan, and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 20 minutes. Strain the mixture through a sieve over a bowl; discard solids.
Tom yam sour soup
Tom yam sour soup(តុងយ៉ាំ)
Referring to cuisine, people think of the spicy, hot. And one of the most typical dishes are Tom Yam. The spicy dishes created primarily by the peppers and garlic.
Traditional sour soup
Traditional sour soup(សម្លស្ងោរជ្រក់)
This kind of soup is cooked by some ingredient such as Prahok (Khmer fish cheese), tamarind (leaf of tamarind, can also be used) Water green, ma'am (an aquatic herb used as a spice)...
Khmer kreoung sour soup
Khmer kreoung sour soup(សម្លម្ជូរគ្រឿង)
Hot combination of beef and beef tripes cooked tenderly in a variety of spices with a touch of pickled fish which adds that extra special flavor. This is one of authentic Khmer hot, sour and spicy dish.
>Korko soup
Korko soup(សម្លកកូរ)
Korko Soup, the hearty traditional Khmer soup, quite delightful as its base ingredient is pumpkin curry which adds this delicious warmth and texture to the palates.
Proheou soup
Proheou soup(សម្លប្រហើរ)
Proheou soup is mixed of many kinds of vegetable and it is also famous in Cambodia, especially for the people who live in the country side. The taste of it is very delicious.


Soft drink, khmer restaurant
Soft Drink

For soft drink we have Coke, Fanta, 7up, Sprit, Red Bull(can),Soda, Tonic water, and coke light(can)

Beer, Khmer restaurant
We have Agnkor Beer(small and big bottle), Cambodian Beer, Tiger Beer, Heniken Beer.
Water, khmer restaurant
We have Bayon(small), Minere(small), Bayon(big) and Minere(big).
Juice, khmer restaurant
We have Lemon juice, Orange juice, Lime juice, Pineapple juice, Carrot juice, and Water melon juice.
Fruit Shake, khmer restaurant
Fruit Shake
We have Banana fruit shake, Coconut fruit shake, Carrot fruit shake, Pineapple fruit shake, Mixed fruit, and Cashew nut fruit shake.
Tea and Coffee
Tea and Coffee
We have Lemon grass, Lipton, Cambodian Tea, Black Coffee, Coffee with Milk, and Ice Coffee.